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A unique psychology-based training program offering research-based strategies and techniques to help public safety telecommunicators recognize, prevent and manage stress related issues.  The program also trains dispatchers to understand the effect of trauma on 911 callers and teaches skills to communicate more effectively with those struggling with panic, fear and anxiety; faster fact gathering means faster response time.
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One of 911Now’s top priorities is to help 911 dispatchers cope with and decompress from the effects of stress, enabling them to better handle the pressures of the job.  911Now also strives to enhance the “empathy quotient” felt and expressed by emergency dispatchers.  911Now teaches that an appropriate level of dispatcher empathy can calm distraught, distracted callers and improve the dispatcher’s prospect of quickly obtaining crucial data. Calmer callers and faster retrieval of information means shorter response times.




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911 telecommunicators are the unsung heroes in the public service sector; they are the vital link between emergency callers and first responders. 911Now was developed with that in mind. 911Now is a unique psychology-based training that gives 911 dispatchers the critical tools they need when communicating with anxious callers. 911Now also trains dispatchers to understand and be mindful of their own stressors…training that has been proven to actually save money by reducing dispatcher turnover rates. The focus of this proprietary training is EMPATHY, ACCURACY and SPEED. If this training helps telecommunicators manage their own stress, as well as shave seconds off emergency response, then we have succeeded.”

Richard Zlotowitz,  911Now President


Major Features Of 911Now Training:


Outstanding Training

Few things are as important to the success of a 911 Call Center as superior dispatcher training. 911Now’s psychology-based training program advances your team’s emergency awareness to a new level of professionalism. This creates a winning situation for both your department and your community.


Strengthen Your Response Times

911Now training provides dispatchers with insight into the psychology of trauma and stress during an emergency call. It arms them with innovative techniques to quickly gather crucial information from anxious callers.


Increase Awareness

911Now training also equips 911 dispatchers with the ability to identify their own stressors and to adopt strategies to mitigate their emotional and physical responses to the never ending steam of emotionally wrought calls. This training can foster inner-office morale and reduce turnover due to burn-out.

911Now Training

What is 911Now?

911 dispatchers are the critical first point of contact in an unfolding crisis. In an era of rapid advances in communications technology and evolving recognition of cultural sensitivities, it’s time to update and improve our nation’s 911 emergency call techniques. 911Now is an innovative psychology-based program for supplemental training of 911 dispatchers, whether they are new to the position or already on the job. The 911Now program incorporates pioneering research-based insights on how to quickly and accurately gather vital information from callers who are struggling with a potent mixture of panic, anxiety and stress.

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“Communities deserve effective and reliable 911 systems and your work at 911Now is critical to ensuring the advancement of 911 Call Centers and the important dispatchers who work there…”                                                                              Representative Anna Eshoo, California

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Why Choose 911Now Training

Our Classes

911Now is a new program that expands on conventional training for 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators with a focus on the powerful psychological and emotional effects attached to participating in life and death emergency calls.  911Now focuses on stress management, trauma communication, empathy, and team building exercises.

  • Part 1 – Before The Call
    • What is Trauma and Traumatic Stress
    • The Brain and Body’s Response to Trauma
  • Part 2 – The Call
    • Effective Communication
  • Part 3 – After the Call
    • Consequences of Job Related Stress and Frustration
    • Mindfulness and Self Care
  • Part 4 – Team Building
  • Part 5 – Question and Answer Section
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911Now Training Delivers
Outstanding Training
Strenghtens Response Times
Increases Awareness
Improves Consistency


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