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911 Calls – Animals


Snake Biting Woman’s Face – Firefighters come to the rescue of a woman when they cut the head off her pet boa constrictor that had wrapped around her neck and was biting her face.

Article:  I Have a Boa Constrictor Stuck to My Face – Please Hurry!

Article:  Firefighters Chop Off Head of Snake Biting Woman’s Face


Shark Attack – Not one but two separate shark attacks in North Carolina kept 911 operators busy. One girl had her entire hand bitten off. A young teen lost his left arm. How does a department handle multiple calls on emergencies with major injuries? Listen in!

Article:  Two Teens Lose Limbs in Separate Shark Attacks at North Carolina Beach

Article:  Survivors of Oak Island Shark Bites Adjust, as N.C. Coast Sees Few New Encounters



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