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This section provides additional stories that 911 telecommunicators may find interesting.

Dispatcher Stories

Article:  Closing the Book as a Dispatcher

News Broadcast:  911 Disptacher Saves Own Son

Article:   911 Dispatcher Honored for Helping Deliver Baby Over the Phone

News Broadcast:  911 Dispatcher Helps Couple Deliver Baby

Video:  Austin, TX 911 – A Call to Action – An inside glimpse of how this 911 dispatch organization operates.

Video:  Florida Dispatcher of the Year – The Sheriff’s Association in this state takes time to honor an exemplary 911 telecommunicator.


London, England – Large Apartment Building Fire – Grenfell Tower apartment building fire in the UK from 2017

Article:  Panicked 999 Call Audio Released As Part Of Grenfell Tower Inquiry


Senators Introduce Legislation to Upgrade the 911 System

Article:  Senators Aim To Boost Federal Investment in NG911 Technology

Article:  Klobuchar-Nelson Bill Contains a Hidden Gem for the 911 Industry


Why Uber Can Locate, But 911 Can’t

News Broadcast:  911 Can’t Always Find You, But Uber Can

Article:  Why 911 May Not Find You, But Uber Can


Hackers and the 911 Call Center

Article:  Hackers Have Taken Down Dozens of 911 Centers. Why is it so Hard to stop them?


Triage Nurses and 911

Article:  Can Triage Nurses Help Prevent 911 Overload? – Triage Nurses Sit Alongside 911 Dispatchers.


911 and HIPPA

Article:  Emergency Medical Dispatches and HIPAA: Are You HIPAA Compliant?

Article:  911 Dispatcher Fired for Privacy Violation


APCO Study on 911 Operator Turnover Rates

Article:  911 centers see 19% turn-over rate, APCO says – APCO study in 2009 found a 19% turnover rate which was a 3% rise from 5 years prior.  Will this trend continue?

Article:  ‘Burnout’ Fuels Nationwide Shortage of 911 Dispatchers


Direct Access to 911

Article:  Phones to Provide Direct Access to 911


Stats and Data

Article:  Government Data on 911