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911 Calls – Crimes In Progress


Daughter Finds Mom Dead – A woman has been shot dead in her home. Her daughter finds the body upon returning home early one Saturday morning. The culprits are still in the house, but the caller cannot leave to protect herself because the phone is wired to the wall!

Article:  Ocoee Police Investigating Franklin Street Homicide


Domestic Violence – A police officer beats his girlfriend in a restaurant and the manager calls 911 for help.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t go very well – and in the end, 10 police officers are put under investigation for their response to the call. The 911 dispatcher is disciplined for being rude.

Article:  Police Investigate Alleged Assault by HPD Officer Caught on Video

News Broadcast:  HPD Sergeant Caught on Video Assaulting Ex-girlfriend


Frustrating 911 Call – This is one of the most frustrating 911 calls ever! A frantic woman calls about her young daughter being in the house with a suicidal male. But she’s got the child on her other phone and two conversations are going on at the same time! Communication is almost impossible. The adult daughter of the caller takes one phone but it’s of little help. What would you do?

Article:  Port St. Lucie Police:  Man Attacks Daughter, Kills Himself 


Sisters Call 911 – This call to 911 underscores the value of teaching children not to panic, but to call 911 for immediate help. Two sisters were home alone when two burglars break in. Although only able to communicate in whispers, the operator gets first responders to the scene in time to catch the culprits.

Article:  Brave Tennessee Sisters Call 911 While Hiding in Tiny Cabinet from Burglars: ‘Please Hurry!’


Warehouse Hold-up – The armed robbery has just occurred, but the emergency caller is so overwhelmed the 911 dispatcher is having trouble gathering information.


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