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More testimonials after 911Now training:

Emmet Garnham Testimonial


Kelly Lopez Testimonial


More Testimonials:

“The biggest thing I took from the training was to ‘check myself.’”

“(To be) the best call taker I can be without passing judgment, having empathy and remembering the caller on the other end is in an emergency state of mind…”

“I learned how to properly speak to people who are having an emergency, not to take anything personal and to remain calm.”

“I learned the importance of having empathy when dealing with 911 callers.”

“…(I learned) how better to get info from callers and calm them down.”

“…(The training) gave me a greater understanding of why things happen the way they do and how to better deal with a traumatized person.”

“(I learned) How communication can be hindered because of the callers mental state.”

“(The training) provided good, simple reminders on how to handle calls and situations.”