Licensed Psychologists

911 operators are the critical first point of contact in an unfolding crisis.
In an era of rapid advances in communications technology and evolving recognition of cultural sensitivities, it is time to update and enhance our nation’s 911 emergency call techniques.

•911Now is an innovative program for supplemental training of in-coming and current 911 operators, providing insights into the psychology of stress, and its profound potential impact on both those calling 911 and those answering the calls for help.
•911Now also focuses on the powerful emotional effects attached to participating in life-or-death calls and offers strategies and tools to help operators’ better handle the pressures of the job.
•911Now teaches that an appropriate level of operator empathy can calm distraught, distracted callers, improving the operators’ prospect of quickly obtaining crucial data. Calmer callers and faster information gathering means shorter response times.
•The 911Now protocol is designed to foster balanced communication between operator and caller and operator and first responders in the field.
•The 911Now team of experts, led by psychologists with an expertise in trauma and stress, has developed a program of instruction which stresses the vital role 911 operators hold in community safety. This team-building approach emphasizes the importance of listening to a caller’s emotional state, and responding so as to reassure the caller that his/her message is being received.

If you are a fully credentialed psychologist and interested in joining our team, please contact 911Now for more information:

Richard Zlotowitz
(914) 907-7223