Psychologists / Psychotherapists

911Now is an innovative program for supplemental training of 911 dispatchers.  The program provides insights into the psychology of stress and trauma on emergency callers, as well the emotional impact  constant exposure to emergency calls has on 911 dispatchers.

911Now teaches that an appropriate level of dispatcher empathy can calm distraught, distracted callers, improving the dispatcher’s prospect of quickly obtaining crucial information.

911Now recognizes that dispatchers, too, suffer from stress and offers strategies and techniques to help them better handle the pressures of the job.

911Now has developed a program of instruction which stresses the vital role 911 dispatchers hold in community safety. This team-building approach emphasizes the importance of listening to a caller’s emotional state, and responding so as to reassure the caller that his/her message is being received.

If you are a psychologist / psychotherapist and are interested in joining our team, please contact 911Now for more information:

Richard Zlotowitz
(914) 907-7223