911 Calls

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Actual 911 Calls:

Peachtree City – What’s an operator to do when their own Chief of Police calls to report he’s accidentally shot his wife? And you can hear her moaning in the background!

Out of Control Car – It was like a real life version of the movie “Speed.” The caller couldn’t stop her car, hitting speeds of up to 115 miles an hour! Did this operator do the right thing?

Snake Biting Woman’s Face – Firefighters came to the rescue of an East Lake Road woman when they cut the head off her pet boa constrictor that had wrapped around her neck and was biting her face.

Shark Attack – Not one but two separate shark attacks in North Carolina kept 911 operators hopping in Oak Island, NC. One girl had her entire hand bitten off. A young teen lost his left arm. How does a department handle multiple calls on emergencies with major injuries? Listen in!

Shark Attack #2

8-Year Old Unsure of Address – An 8-year-old calls after her mother and a companion are shot and lay dying before her. The girl is unfamiliar with the location but ultimately comes up with an address. You decide: Could this information have been gotten more quickly?

Frightened girl calls 911 – A 9-year-old and her younger sister are trapped in their father’s car as he drives – very drunk – on an “unplanned trip” away from their home. The operator must contend with a child who is “hysterical.” How to get the crucial information – fast?

Lisa’s Story – A 6-year-old frantically calls as her step father brutally beats her mother. This call is heartbreaking to listen too – and stunning when you learn that this compassionate 911 operator follows up years later.

Quick Thinking 12-year-old – A quick thinking 12-year-old calls police as a man is breaking into her home. This kid is so aware she has taken video of the culprit as he lurked in her yard. As she hides in the closet she’s able to give a perfect description of the burglar.

Quick Thinking Hialeah 12-Year Old Saves Day – A Hialeah, Florida 12-year-old girl had the presence of mind to grab her cell phone and dive into a closet as two men broke into her home. Cynthia Valdez was so instrumental in the quick response (just two minutes from call to police arrival) that she was honored in a special Mayor’s ceremony.

Silent Protocol – This is one of the 911Now staff’s favorite calls. A home invasion, a 12-year old hiding in a closet unable to speak because the burglar is right outside the door! This innovative operator gets the crucial information anyway.

Stop Whining – A 911 dispatcher in Anne Arundel County, Maryland loses his cool with a frantic girl who says both her father and his girlfriend have been struck down as they changed a tire on the shoulder of a busy highway. He tells her to “Stop whining!” A graphic example of the need to deal with children callers in a special way.

Beef Hold-up – Iowa State Beef Hold-up – The armed robbery has just occurred and the caller on the other end is so overwhelmed gathering information from him is nearly impossible. Until the operator prompts the caller to hand the phone to someone else.

Daughter Finds Mom Dead – A woman has been shot dead in her home. Her daughter finds the body upon returning home early one Saturday morning. The culprits are still in the house, but the caller cannot leave to protect herself because the phone is wired to the wall!

Domestic Violence – In Honolulu, Hawaii a police officer beats his girlfriend in a restaurant, the manager calls 911 for help – and in the end, 10 police officers are put under investigation for their response to the call. The 911 operator is disciplined for being rude.

More calls coming soon…